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Follow-up an essential means to achieve success in MLM

- Singasandra

Posted on: 28th November, 2016 | 06:22:AM
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Don’t underestimate the power of follow ups to drive up the sales figures for your MLM business. It could be the crucial missing link between a hit or miss situation for closing your sales.
One of the biggest requirements of any sales driven organization is to have regular follow ups and manage follow ups on a regular basis. Here’s why:
Consumers always need more information
Follow ups are the life blood for any business and MLM businesses are no exceptions in this regard. By sharing your product details and the MLM business plans, you are asking them to make a change in their lives, their professions and their daily habits through the products that they will use.
Making any change to your lifestyle is a difficult thing. Imagine if you have been using a particular product for a years and are asked by an MLM network marketer to stop using it in one meeting!!!...Outrageous right?!! The same way, even your prospect will take some time to make the shift, but it is important that he does not forget you and for that you need to keep following up regularly.
Adds consistency and credibility
One of the most underrated and important reason to follow up, which is not often talked about by MLM business plans and MLM and Network Marketing solution providers is consistency. By following up with your prospects on a regular basis and repeating the MLM business plans again you are actually convincing the prospect that you are someone who is consistent with what he is saying and hence are highly credible. This is a great way to earn your prospect’s trust.
Sometimes, prospects purposely make you follow up in order to check if you are being consistent with your claims. They are actually trying to understand if you are just another salesman who will disappear after his sales or a team player who believes in taking them along. This is what will distinguish you from the others. Once you develop a good reputation, a good personal brand, it is relatively easy to attract prospects who will sign on to your distribution network. Any successful network marketer will vouch for this.
Focus on building relationships
Ask any successful person the reason for their success, and 9 out of 10 times it is due to their ability to lead and motivate their team by convincing them of their vision. What this boils down to is their ability to build a good relationship with their seniors, juniors and colleagues. The same is true for MLM businesses. It is all about relationships and not about a better MLM Binary Income plan or better commissions calculated by an MLM commission calculator.
Your objective should be to build a good lasting relationship with the prospects. That makes it easier for the prospect to open up to your ideas and suggestions and for you to understand their needs.
Ask yourself this… How often do you trust someone when you see them for the first time? The chances are one in a million. The same is true for your prospects. Hence, it is important to treat your follow ups as opportunities to build meaningful relationships with them. Another advantage of follow ups is that if these prospects do not materialize, they may suggest people who would be interested in using your products or signing on as a sponsor. As they say, relationships always take you a long way.
Plan your follow ups
Follow ups can be very difficult. Some people get convinced with just one or 2 sitting with you and easily understand your MLM business plan along with the numbers thrown out by the MLM income calculator, but some just don’t get it. The reasons could be many. They are simply not ready to trust you or anyone that quickly or weaning them away from their current products is too difficult. We all are passionate about our work, but getting emotional helps no one. Pushing someone too hard to make a decision may actually turn them off completely.
The key here is to divide your prospects into two - hot and cold. Following up with the hot prospects in every 3-4 days as they are the ones who you feel can be convinced easily. The cold prospects should be given a small nudge every fortnight or a month, as they are not as responsive as the others. The hot prospects will get the right impression about you being a dynamic person who can lead them, while the cold prospects can take their time and may convert after a few months, without them feeling that they are being hurried into a decision.
Lead management systems
Technology has made our lives so much easier! Many people who use blogs, Youtube channels and other social media platforms to share information and market their businesses use many online tools and softwares for following up with leads. Tools which help you post automatically on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media are currently very popular. Tools which let you send follow up mails on a regular basis, or send mails to many people at the same time are extremely useful in following up and building a good personal brand for yourself. Also, a lot of CRM softwares let you track the leads and follow ups done by your entire network. This is a great thing as you don’t miss out on anything in case they decide to leave your network.
Sometimes the softwares that you use for your daily MLM operations can be used for some or all the functions mentioned above. One organization that provides Network Marketing Software solutions for all your day to day needs is DNB MLM Software Solutions. The company has been in the industry of providing MLM software solutions for over 7 years. They have been successful in providing software solutions to many MLM businesses and are known for their focus on providing customized software solutions for MLM companies based on their unique requirements. Their strength lies in providing solutions for online shopping, supporting franchises/ members/ distributors and effective inventory and sales management that easily provides MIS reports to every concerned individual. Additionally, tracking the performance and updates on a real time basis is something that they can customize as per your needs. Their experience is sufficiently reflected in their work and the accolades earned.
Achieving success in an MLM business has more to do with working smart than working hard. And following up effectively is one of the smart moves that can help you achieve your targets faster.

Follow-up an essential means to achieve success in MLM

Follow-up an essential means to achieve success in MLM

Follow-up an essential means to achieve success in MLM

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